Capture carbon. Reduce costs. Preserve the world.

Small-scale carbon capture technology for your business.

Earthly Labs technology is uniquely designed to capture carbon dioxide waste from smaller sources such as businesses, homes, and transportation that make up more than half of all carbon dioxide emissions. With us, you reduce emissions and have a valuable product to show for it. We tackle climate change with small change—and we’ve been doing it for years.


Our technology captures millions of carbon dioxide molecules daily, helping our satisfied customers save thousands and mitigate climate change.


However small, we built our modular, plug-n-play technology to fit your space.


Significantly reduce your costs and create a new revenue stream for your business all while doing your part to cool the planet.


Our customers collectively capture the equivalent of tens of thousands of trees annually—the same environmental benefit as a national park.

Austin Beerworks, Austin TX

Austin Beerworks is the largest independently owned brewery in Austin, Texas, self distributing nearly 20,000 barrels a year. Home of… Watch Video

Our Mission

As a global community, we need to remove 40B metric tons of carbon emissions by 2030 or risk devastating climate change. Our goal is to equip our customers for collectively avoiding 1B metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Together, we can make a meaningful impact on the environment and improve the lives of both our customers and future generations.

Join us.

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Our Solutions

Designed alongside our customers, our solutions account for your individual business need, whatever the industry. We offer the most efficient carbon capture technology on the market and the first and only small-scale solution. See why we’re the perfect fit.

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Industries We Serve

Carbon dioxide emissions are an invisible byproduct of living, building, and creating. We are dedicated to partnering with business leaders in industries around the world to harness these molecules and put them to better use.


We help craft brewers capture their CO2 emissions, purify the gas, and reuse it. The result is a cleaner, less expensive source of a critical ingredient and a measurable improvement in the quality of their beer. See how our craft brewery partners reduce CO2 costs and use it for carbonating and packaging their own beer.

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In indoor farming environments, carbon dioxide is vital for plant growth and maximum crop yield. We partner with growers to provide natural CO2, enriching plant growth and reducing costs.

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The Exchange

There’s great opportunity in partnership . Our network of purchasers, converters, and logistics suppliers is a valuable resource for limiting emissions and maximizing potential.

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