CiCi Technology Behind-the-Scenes Tour 8/14/2020

Considering technology to capture your own CO2 to increase your CO2 supply independence, reduce CO2 costs, reduce CO2 emissions, or sell excess? Join Earthly Labs customers as they share their stories, and learn of a new financing partnership. Icicle Brewing shares how Earthly Labs CO2 recovery technology is helping to hedge against CO2 shortage and price volatility. Denver Beer Co. shares how they use Earthly Labs CO2 recovery technology to make money on waste CO2. Earthly Labs newest customer Outer Range shares the ease of partnering with Brewery Finance to implement recovered CO2 technology to address their growing CO2 consumption needs with the growth of packaged product.

To celebrate American Craft Beer Week and thank you for your time, Earthly Labs will make a donation to Brewer’s Relief Fund in honor of every attendee.

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