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Meet CiCi

CiCi is our small-scale carbon capture solution developed specifically for the brewery and carbonated beverage space. With CO2 capture vessels (foam traps), control and monitoring software, and excellent storage, CiCi’s patented purification technology transforms a mixed gas waste stream from your fermentation and brite tanks into a beverage-grade liquid for instant reuse—all in a box the size of a refrigerator.

CiCi Technology Recovers Your CO2 to Make Better Beer

Three-Step Gas Purification

CiCi dries, scrubs, and liquifies the mixed gas to remove oxygen, moisture, acid gases, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and aromas.

Sensor Automation

CiCi monitors oxygen in the gas stream and enables energy-efficient capture without manual manipulation.

Mobile Dashboard

Monitor key indicators, control performance, avoid production downtime/delay, track CO2 volume, and share environmental and economic impact data easily.

Plug-and-Play Capture

CiCi is hardware certified, designed for the brewery environment, and to handle variable gas flow rates, allowing capture from different size breweries, fermentation vessels, or brite tanks.

CiCi also effectively reduces both your CO2 purchase costs and carbon emissions. You’re pretty much planting up to 1600 trees each year, which most craft beer consumers reward with, well, drinking more beer. Way to go, you.

CO2 is the fifth ingredient for best-tasting beer—capture it yourself. See how we can brew better together.

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