What We’re About

Purpose-Driven Innovation to Avoid 1 Billion Metric Tons of CO2

We believe climate change is solvable. So much so, we put money on it (and time, research, and testing). Since our founding in 2016, we’ve offered solutions that are economically sensible and environmentally sustainable—the dream.

Economic, social, and environmental value creation is our life’s work. We utilize new technologies to optimize our own and create a better experience for our customers. As a Public Benefit Corporation, we’re incorporated as an entity and are legally and culturally committed to considering all stakeholders—including you—not just our shareholders. We think that’s a good thing.

Our only aim is to create tools to support and encourage the small, consistent, and intentional action that’s needed to change the climate for the better.

Public Benefit Corp.

Our purpose goes well beyond maximizing share value. We center the general and specific public benefit in our work, existing solely to reduce our shared environmental impact while advancing social justice. One way we do this is by committing our overall social and environmental performance to a third-party standard. The B Corp assessment tool evaluates us against best global practices in areas from corporate governance to diversity and inclusion in suppliers and hiring—all to give the best to our community.

Looking Forward, Acting Now

As part of our B Corp certification and our company-wide commitment to transparency, we’re sharing our goals for this year and will not waver in striving to achieve every single one.


  • Advance product development roadmap to increase technology CO2 capture potential
  • Invest in 1% for the Planet to support B Corp and environmental organizations
  • Expand efforts to advance incentives and benefits of carbon capture across industries


  • Implement 401(K) and bonus plan
  • Establish paternity leave

Diversity & Inclusion

  • Support the Black Lives Matter movement and other social justice organizations with a committed sales percentage
  • Conduct equity audit, educate ourselves on and practice anti-racism, invite industry conversation and be vocal for systemic change
  • Survey supply chain and invest in Black, women, and minority-owned suppliers


  • Use B Corp assessment tool for building policies and submit for B Corp status
  • Increase diversity and membership of Earthly Labs Board of Directors
  • Create a Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Board

Origin Story

Our founder, Amy George, is a serial impact entrepreneur. She’s also a mom. And like most, Amy wants her kids (and her kids’ kids) to have a safe planet to call home. With a background in industrial control and artificial intelligence, Amy knew large multinationals could scrub CO2 from emissions and wondered how to apply that concept to small scale sources for home and business. She founded Earthly Labs to do just that.

Team Passionate about Our Mission

At Earthly Labs, our team loves our natural world and we work hard every day to preserve it. We love to hike, bike, camp, climb, cook, tinker, build, fix, fish and dream. We are leading engineers and Ph.D.s in the field of carbon capture science. We are operations experts in the brewing and industrial process industry. We are software developers visualizing key performance metrics. We are all customer advocates, finding ways to create value for our customers, and positive impact for our planet.