Growing Solutions

Enrich indoor crops with captured carbon.

Saving Green

Indoor growing operations are essential for meeting current global cultivation needs. Crops such as tomatoes, lettuce, and cannabis (among others) thrive inside, without the threat of weather conditions or use of pesticides, and leave a smaller environmental footprint—ideal for both the health-conscious consumer and our planet

Our captured carbon dioxide helps to stimulate this plant growth and increase yields for greater industry efficiency while avoiding carbon emissions. And, with pricing well below the average supplier, you’ll see the benefit in your production and your spend.

CO2 to Grow Your Business

Remove Impurities

Natural carbon dioxide is free of hydrocarbons and volatile organic compounds found in the manufactured product.

Achieve Growth Goals

Carbon dioxide fuels photosynthesis, improving production and aiding your overall cultivation process.

Control Quantities

Our compressed CO2 makes it easy for you to release the right amount into your grow space for maximum yield.

Harvest Value

Through The Exchange, we pair your grow facility with a natural CO2 supplier to reduce emissions and costs.

Let’s get growing.

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